Pastries & Cookies

French Macarons

Made from a mixture of Confectioner’s Sugar, Almond Flour, & Meringue. The mixture gets folded by hand and piped in to cookies. We fill ours with infused ganache, with the exception of Salted Caramel which is a mixture of caramelized sugar & heavy cream. The cookies get filled and then rest for 24-48 to ensure the infusions find their way in to the shell.


An Australian favorite. Cubes of Vanilla Genoise cake filled with raspberry jam, dipped in chocolate, and rolled in coconut.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie made with Belgian Chocolate & a faint flash of salt. Crunchy ‘round the outside, chewy center.

Hodge Podge Cookie (*gluten free)

Originally developed for Barista Parlor. This is a classic our Pastry Chef has been making since childhood. A mixture of chocolate, peanut butter, and gluten free oats. *Gluten Free, but made in a shared kitchen.