Welcome To Takk!

Takk is a word that means "thanks" in Norwegian. It's the outcropping of relationships that we've enjoyed with people from all over (our Norwegian friends being some of our favs 😉). Takk Treats is about gratefulness and how you feel it most when you're sharing good food with friends. It's about the fact that we love to see people, having taken a bite, stop mid-conversation to look at us with wide eyes. Hannah, our pastry chef, has been covered in confectioner’s sugar for most of her life. Her credits include owner of The Almond Tree Bakery where she perfected her French Macaron recipe (read more about that here) and Pastry Chef at Barista Parlor in East Nashville. Her work has been featured in Nashville Lifestyles, the Nashville Scene, and the Tennessean. Here at Takk! we are thrilled to bring our unique approach to desserts, aesthetic, and finely curated ingredients to the Emerald Coast. To be a part of life’s celebartions in this beautiful beach community - well it just makes us wanna say “thanks!”


Pastries & Cookies

French Macarons, Lamingtons, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Custom Decorated Sugar Cookies are a few of the petite pastries we offer. All made with ingredients like the finest Belgian Chocolates, Organic Flours, and Free Range Eggs.


Specialty Cakes

We believe all of life’s sweet occasions are best accompanied with cake. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, baby, or simply a “first” for you, we’d love to work with you to create something special! Order one of our Everyday Cake Designs or contact us to create a custom design.


Thanks for Stopping by!

we create Sweet Treats. made from beautiful ingredients. crafted with love. Can’t wait to hear from you!